Priorities for Skopje!

My vision for Skopje is a city that will nurture tradition, and look towards the future. Skopje as an ecologically clean city, without traffic jams, with high quality city infrastructure. A city like all Skopje citizens deserve, with quality in sports and cultural life. A city worth living in and one we will be proud of. For a modern European Skopje!


The traffic chaos in Skopje will be over if we have easily accessible and modern public transport. Our obligation and priority in our work is to invest in fast connections between the main settlements in the city and at the same time to reduce the city congestion. Skopje residents need parking space, especially in the downtown area, but parking space at decent and affordable prices for every resident. We will support alternative transportation and strive to increase the number of cyclists in the city by further modernizing the system for bicycle rental.

Quality of life

My program consists of fast and efficient solutions that will provide a decent life and quality life for all Skopje citizens. To end the urban chaos, solve the problem with the dirty city, create new green areas are part of the program for raising the quality of life of our fellow citizens. Skopje today is facing uneven development. While a part of the city is receiving strong attention and steps towards urbanization and modernization, some parts of Skopje are forgotten and face problems that should be forgotten in the last century. I will take care of all the needs for a dignified life as every citizen of Skopje deserves.

The Soul of Skopje

Skopje needs rapid development into a modern, European metropolis, while preserving it’s tradition. Culture should be a space for recognizing Skopje’s modernity and tradition, where creative, cultural and educational potentials are encouraged to shape their future. Together we will make Skopje a European city of culture. But a city without young people has no future. Young people, regardless of their level of education, should receive the place they deserve in the city of Skopje.

Meet our candidate, the future mayor

Mother. Wife. Citizen of Skopje.
I am Danela Arsovska. Other people will say that I am a person of integrity. I primarily see myself as a person who wants to offer solutions to the problems of the people around me. Born in Skopje, who will use her knowledge and expertise for all my fellow citizens

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